Press Release | September 13, 2023

Lawdragon Recognizes Eight Labaton Keller Sucharow Attorneys among the 500 Leading Litigators in America 2024

Lawdragon recognized Chairman Christopher J. Keller, Partners Eric J. Belfi, Michael P. Canty, Alfred L. Fatale, Jonathan Gardner, James W. Johnson, Carol C. Villegas, and Ned Weinberger among the 500 Leading Litigators in America in their 2024 guide.

This guide represents “the advisors you’d want to send into battle.” Lawdragon notes, “Today’s litigation battles are small corporate wars that rely on heavily trained and specialized teams comprised of lawyers who are themselves stars. Those rainmakers are still en pointe, but when we think about what it is to be a great
courtroom presence, the ability to amass and field a team of equal talent if not heretofore renown is ever more

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