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Frequently asked questions

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What is this case about?
This is a case about data privacy. We allege that Samsung is violating the privacy of its users by collecting data (i.e. biometric data) of individuals who appear in photos saved and stored on Samsung Galaxy devices that it should not be collecting without first notifying its users and obtaining written consent. The biometric data that we allege Samsung is collecting is in the form of face scans, which are unique to individuals – no two individuals have the same one. Because this data is so unique, there are heightened protections around it. We believe that Samsung has ignored the protections implemented by Illinois lawmakers through its collection of users’ biometric data without first notifying its’ users and obtaining written consent, which we intend to prove in arbitration.
I heard there was a class action against Samsung. Is it better for me to be part of that class action or pursue my claims in arbitration?
A class action was filed against Samsung and is pending before the Northern District of Illinois.Since you are an adult user and Samsung’s user agreement has a mandatory arbitration clause, it is unlikely that your claim could proceed in court. As a result, we’ve determined that arbitration is the best available option for adult Samsung users.
What is arbitration?
Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process. Your claim will not be filed in court. Your claim will be decided by an arbitrator, who is a neutral person chosen by you and the company. We can select an arbitrator for you who is fair and neutral.
Why arbitration?
Many consumer agreements or services have mandatory arbitration provisions in their agreements and/or terms of use, along with class action waivers. You probably signed these agreements, such as with banks and credit card companies, even if you’ve never seen them or do not remember. They are also found in many online click-through agreements, such as travel, shopping, gaming, or entertainment sites. These clauses not only require you to arbitrate your claim, but to do so individually.
How do your fees work?
Our fees will be a percentage of the settlement or recovery we obtain for you. That amount will depend on the rules in the state you live in. We only receive a fee if you win, and you will never owe us any money.
Do I have to appear in person for arbitration?
Most of the time, arbitration can be conducted either by telephone or through documents provided by you and the company.